As a “go to” place for information, research, reports, facts and supporting materials, Ohio Action for Healthy Kids wants to help your school provide a healthy environment where kids have the learning supports needed to be healthy and ready to learn. Find out more about our nutrition and physical activity programs, for before, during and after school.


Related nutrition articles and science, and practical ready-to-use tools.

Physical Activity & Education

Related physical activity and education articles and science, and practical ready-to-use tools.

On February 23rd the Ohio Afterschool Network presented a webinar on the “Ohio Kids on the Move: Physical Activity Guidelines for Afterschool Programs”. The guidelines identify and define areas of physical activity for caregivers of children, K – 12.  Ohio Action for Healthy Kids has developed a companion piece to the guidelines “Afterschool Physical Activity Resource Guide” that provides ideas to put the Ohio Kids on the Move into action.

Visit Ohio AFHK physical activity page for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and link to the guidelines and resource guide.

For more information about Ohio Afterschool Network and to obtain a copy of the toolkit, visit

School Wellness Policies

Wellness policies are a tool that help schools address obesity and academics through the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.

At Home

Parents can make a difference by supporting healthy eating and physical activity at your local school.  The OAFHK Parent Toolkit (PDF) provides information on policy, resources and activities that you can implement to make positive changes at your school!