At Home

We encourage parents to become actively involved in nutrition and physical activity projects in their schools. Given the rising rates of obesity, and the health and economic issues tied to this epidemic, it will take the efforts of everyone to address this issue. Schools and afterschool programs play a significant role in positively changing the health behaviors of children.  For more information on nutrition and physical activity programs click here.

Below is a list of resources to help out at home:

Since 2007, Action for Healthy Kids has worked with parents across the country to improve the nutrition and physical activity levels of kids at home and in school, and learned the most effective ways to engage parents in school wellness along the way.  Informed and involved parents are motivated to push for changes that make school environments healthier.  Educated on the issues by our trainings and resources, parents are becoming a powerful force for change in their children’s schools.

For more information about AFHK parent leadership series go to

Ohio Action for Healthy Kids/Nutrition Resources for School and Home

General Resources for Nutrition and Physical Activity (PDF):