School Wellness

Schools participating in the USDA school meal program must implement a wellness policy. We encourage all schools to develop and implement a wellness policy in order to promote a healthy school environment.  Wellness policies are a tool that can help your school address obesity through promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.

The wellness policy must address:

  • goals for nutrition education
  • goals for physical activity
  • nutrition guidelines for all foods available at school
  • goals for other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness
  • plans for evaluating implementation of the policy

2013 Nutrition + Physical Activity Learning Connection: Ohio Summit:

Learn more about the evidence and take action to support healthy learning environments at school.

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Take Action for Your Student’s Health

Parents can make a difference by supporting healthy eating and physical activity at your local school.  The OAFHK Parent Toolkit (PDF) provides information on policy, resources and activities that you can implement to make positive changes at your school!